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This website lists people working on Bitcoin and related projects. The goal is to increase the visibility of contributors to the space that are accepting donations. If you are currently working on a bitcoin related open source project, submit a PR to get yourself added.

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practicalswiftDonate to practicalswift

Independent Bitcoin Core contributor focusing on security. Found CVE-2017-18350, CVE-2018-20586, CVE-2019-18936 and some fixed but yet to be announced vulns. Plans to help Bitcoin stay secure for decades to come by a.) killing bugs (auditing/fuzzing), b.) killing bug classes (mitigations), c.) improving security processes (tooling/automation) and d.) raising C++ secure coding awareness (education/review). Loyal to Bitcoiners only: not to corporations or cliques. Trying to stay 100% independent. See GitHub profile for HODL-only donation address :)

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